I Became the Youngest Disciple of Mount Hua Sect Ch.01

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Chapter 1: Is This a Child-Rearing Romance or a Martial Arts Fantasy?


In an era where one could be struck by a reincarnation truck or tumble into a reincarnation sinkhole at any time and place.


The beginning of every reincarnation novel always starts with the protagonist, who was reading a web novel, getting hit by a truck or stepping into a sinkhole.


“I wouldn’t mind a bit of reincarnation myself.”


Ding! The notification for the latest update chimed, and I muttered in a dry tone as I tapped on the novel’s latest chapter.


A loosely hung bag on my arm jingled. Inside the bag were instant noodles and ready-made rice, enough for a week.


Without any clear talent or accomplished goals, just surviving each day, there was no room for regrets.


Cut ties with parents who weren’t really like parents a long time ago, and having no family was just the same.


Looking back, my life was quite tough. It was the complete opposite of the protagonist of this novel.


The novel I am currently reading is titled ‘I Am the Duke, Jin Ji Ok.’ The only event in the story is the protagonist getting upset and running away, creating a warm child-rearing novel.


It’s not exactly my taste, but I was reading it as preparation for possible future reincarnation. If I’m going to be reincarnated, I might as well do it as the protagonist of a sweet book like this.


The world was peaceful, with no wars or villains. Even if I were to reincarnate as an extra, it wouldn’t be a problem.


Flipping the pages expressionlessly, I scrolled through the novel and ritualistically left a comment.


The more consistently you comment, the higher the chance of reincarnation, as they say.


[Follow the Will and Cooperation: Well done~]


Immediately, I tapped on the updated work that suited my taste.


“Return of the Sword God.”


The protagonist, who became the revenge ghost after the sect was destroyed and died, returned and gathered the sect’s relics while twisting the past in this martial arts novel.


I was enjoying it but refrained from commenting, just in case I might be reincarnated.


The difficulty level here for reincarnation is five stars.


As the traffic light turned green, I crossed the crosswalk with slow steps while flipping through the novel’s pages.


After finishing reading and transitioning to the comments, as expected, there were martial arts old-timers giving advice on the development.


While reading, a mistouch caused the comment section to display ‘ㅗ.’


Some might think someone is cursing the author. It’s a comment that fits perfectly with someone role-playing the hardworking character.


As I attempted to press backspace to erase it,




A loud honk echoed, causing pain in my ears..


Startled, my twitchy thumb accidentally pressed the comment send button.


[Follow the Will and Cooperation: ‘ㅗ’]


Where did manners go? Why is there a honking cacophony when the light is green?


Furrowing my brows, I reflexively turned my head, only to be met with blinding headlights and a massive truck charging towards me.


Damn, this is definitely a reincarnation truck.


The novel I just commented on has two leads, but please, if you’re going to make me reincarnate, let it be in a petite child-rearing romance.


* * *


Hit by the reincarnation truck, I slowly opened my eyes. As expected, an unfamiliar ceiling greeted me, but instead of the familiar sky, it was a completely new one.


The thin cloth tightly wrapped around my body was far from sufficient to shield me from the cold air and the hard ground.


I let out a deep sigh, wiggling my tiny hands within the cloth. Even if I were to be reborn at the age of five, being a newborn baby seems a bit too much, doesn’t it?


Lying there wrapped in cloth, I found myself in front of the massive entrance of an oriental-style building.


The moment I saw the scenery, I realized that something was wrong.


Firstly, it was evident that this wasn’t from ‘I Am the Duke, Jin Ji Ok.” I reluctantly read that novel, not even my preference, just in preparation for possible reincarnation!


Instead of frustration, an inarticulate whimper escaped my lips.


‘I need to figure out where this is.’


Considering the oriental style, it seemed highly probable that this was from another novel where I left comments, possibly “Return of the Sword God.” Well, it could be something else.


Unfortunately, the plaque at the top of the grand door was visible, but the angle prevented me from reading the characters.


Perhaps if I cried loudly, someone would come out from inside. But what if there’s a bad person inside who would harm me for making noise?


In the midst of contemplating life’s biggest dilemma, the door creaked open, and finally, someone emerged.


A man in his early twenties, neatly dressed in a plain black martial arts uniform, noticed me and his face filled with astonishment.


Hastily picking me up from the ground, the man anxiously scanned the surroundings, likely searching for my parents or guardian.


“Little one, where are your parents?”


Loosening the cloth wrapped around me and adjusting it, he held me while asking.


I stared blankly, not knowing what to do.


A quick glance around the door’s surroundings confirmed that there was no one in sight.


Opening the door with a deep sigh, he carried me inside while holding me securely.


Once inside, he kneeled in the middle, still holding me tightly.


“Who is the guardian of this child?”


“I searched, but there was no one in that place, nor around it. They probably abandoned the child.”


“Who climbs up Mount Hua and leaves a baby behind?”


Observing the stern reaction of the bearded elder, I quickly realized my location and the situation at hand.


Considering it’s a mountain, this must be where the Mount Hua Sect is.


If it’s the Mount Hua Sect, it’s one of the branches of the Martial Arts World’s righteous factions.


…So, I have been reincarnated into a hybrid of a child-rearing romance novel and a martial arts novel, not the pure child-rearing romance novel I had in mind.


I should have stuck to just one child-rearing romance instead of parallel reading!


Walking around the streets half-naked, waiting for someone to pick me up as a hidden genius? If I can’t meet that person, I’ll likely end up working at some inn, facing failures, and eventually joining the beggars in the open faction!


Running to serve whenever martial artists call for an innkeeper, recommending delicacies, and enduring the daily beatings from martial artists – is that the kind of life?


Or would it be a lifetime of begging everywhere, proudly boasting, “Beggars are everywhere!” with a hundred thousand open-mindedness, like a life-long beggar?


By the way, I despise both options.


Anxiously, I grabbed the clothes of the person who brought me here. The man’s face turned bewildered.


Are you surprised? I’m surprised too that I’m not raising you.


Staring into the man’s eyes, I opened them wide.


Raise me. Raise me!


Since I’ve been reincarnated into a martial arts story, I might as well be raised as a side character in “Return of the Sword God” or become a beggar in “I Am the Mount Hua Sect’s Jin Ji Ok” rather than the extra innkeeper.


Perhaps feeling uncomfortable, the man subtly avoided eye contact. Why avoid?




Shaking the clothes wildly, I cried as loudly as possible.


There’s a chance this could turn into a protracted battle, so I controlled my breathing using abdominal respiration to avoid exhaustion before falling asleep.


Convince the elders before I get tired.


“Little one, do you want to stay here?”




At the tender question, I abruptly stopped shaking the hand that had been waving so energetically and took a deep breath.


Lacking the strength to nod, I summoned the energy I used for breastfeeding and weakly nodded.


With teary eyes, I glanced at the sect leader.


Is this convincing enough?


“Ah, well, your expression makes it clear. What can we do if the child expresses a desire to stay here? The fact that the child has come here is fate and destiny.”


“Endless fate.”


At the laughter of the long-bearded sect leader, the other elders also nodded.


It seems like the sect leader is in charge here.


“Ui-hyun, is there a name written on the child’s clothes?”


“Yes, Sect Leader.”


“In that case, we should give the child a name.”


At the words of the long-bearded sect leader, I finally relaxed my tense body.


Naming me means they’ll be raising me – I can finally breathe a sigh of relief.


“Hyun, the third-generation disciple, was a disciple of justice. So, the next generation will be a disciple of preparation. Since our destinies are connected, let’s call it ‘Biyeon’ using the character for ‘connection’ (連).”


“Sect Leader, are you considering giving a Taoist name?”


“Since I’m going to raise her as a disciple of the Mount Hua Sect, it doesn’t matter much.”


Wow, the confidence that he will undoubtedly choose the position of a disciple of the Mount Hua Sect even as he grows up. Indeed, it’s the confidence befitting a prestigious sect.


By the way, a ‘Taoist name.’ Isn’t that something given to disciples of the True Mountain Sect? Taoist names usually signify breaking ties with the secular world and living as a Taoist master. It’s not something given casually to anyone.


And usually, prestigious sects use lots to determine the disciples’ names. Seeing that the next generation will be a disciple of preparation, does that mean I’m confirmed as a disciple of the True Mountain Sect now?


“From now on, your name is Biyeon. Welcome to the Mount Hua Sect, child.”


I breathed a sigh of relief at the warm welcome from the long-bearded, or rather, Taoist elder.


Even if this place is the setting of <Return of the Sword God> that I used to read, I can be reassured if it’s the Mount Hua Sect.


Because the martial arts school of the protagonist who was assassinated and perished wasn’t the Mount Hua Sect.


And he remained healthy while flying around for revenge. Moreover, he’s a member of the reputable Nine Sects and One Union faction.


Alright, it’s a bit of a strange mixed-up situation, but the transmigration into a martial arts novel is complete!


“This child will be the Grand Master for the next generation entering.”


Following the laughing elders, I smiled happily as well.


Surely, these elders wouldn’t do the crazy thing of training a baby, right?

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