I Want To Walk In Space With You
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Status Ongoing
Type Manga

I Want To Walk In Space With You

Alternative Titles Kimi to Uchuu wo Aruku Tame ni - 君と宇宙を歩くために

Synopsis I Want To Walk In Space With You

A delinquent boy called Kobayashi is not able to keep at schoolwork nor a part-time job. One day, an oddball, Uno, transfers to his school. Uno saved him from being invited to a shady part-time job by his senpai (upperclassman). Since then, they started getting along together. The more he gets to know about Uno, the more interested he gets in how Uno lives his life, and he decides to change himself too. This is a friendship story of 2 polar opposites who are not able to do “normal things”, and struggle to live happily while facing problems.

Released 2023
Author DORONODA Inuhiko
Artist DORONODA Inuhiko
Serialization Kodansha
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